Monday, December 27, 2010

You Are Beautiful

 I was walking down the street one day, when suddenly three words popped out of a grey wall.
"Wow,"  I thought.  "How nice!  And so sweet that someone wrote it."

What I didn't know is that "You Are Beautiful" is a worldwide Street Art movement.  It aims to make the world a better place by catching people in the midst of daily life and creating moments of positive self realisation.  Advertising constantly tells us that we're not good enough; this project tells us that we are. 
 A You Are Beautiful website actively encourages people to spread this simple, powerful statement.  It provides downloadable templates (in a variety of languages), and if you want, they'll send you free stickers.
It began in Chicago in early 2003, and since then, the stickers have spread to every continent in the world (including Antarctica).
Adelaide, Australia
Aruba, Central America
Alabama, U.S.A
Prague, Czech Rep.
Rome, Italy
Cape Town, South Africa
Berlin, Germany
Cairo, Egypt
Beijing, China
Dublin, Ireland
Ironically, if you type "You Are Beautiful" into Google, the first site that comes up is.... a plastic surgery company.  Not to be mistaken folks!


Bhakti Omwoods said...

WOW I love this. Such a cool thing. I have seriously wanted to make buttons that say 'Beautiful People' and spread them around. Inspired by a lovely hippie era song by Melanie, 'Beautiful People'. (you should check it out it goes well with this You Are Beautiful idea!)

Might get myself some stickers now. Thanks for sharing this. You're beautiful :)

Philosophia said...

Amazing - what a wonderful endeavour. We need more endeavours such as this, that seek to instil positivity in the world. This was very uplifting to read, and I am so glad that you discovered it.

Now I think I might get some of these stickers myself. :)

Yolanda Barker said...

Glad you both enjoyed it :)

Bhakti, I checked out that song - it's beautiful... thanks for sharing!


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