Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pirelli Calender 2011 unveiled!

For fashion photographers all over the world, yesterday was one of the biggest days of the year, as the 2011 Pirelli Calendar was revealed.

Daria Werbowy as Artemia

This year's issue was particularly anticipated.  Partially because it was photographed by Karl Lagerfield, an institution in himself, but also because this was the first 'Cal' to feature men as focal point models.  A controversial decision, but Karl Lagerfield does what he wants!

Choosing "Mythology" as his theme, the creative director of Chanel and Fendi, photographed fifteen beauties (including Julianne Moore), and three sexy men (including French model Baptiste Giabiconi, Lagerfield's favourite face of nearly three years) as Greek and Roman Deities.
Baptiste Giabiconi as Apollo, the Sun God
Iris Strubegger as Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and War
Erin Wasson as Ajax, Trojan Hero
Julianne Moore as Hera, Wife of Zeus and Goddess of Marriage
Elisa Sednaoui as Flora, Goddess of Flowers
Garett Neff, flanked by Isabeli Fontana and Biana Balti as Bacchus (God of Wine) and "two Bacchantes"
......... Oh - sorry, I fell asleep mid-sentence.  Karl Lagerfield - what have you done?  This is one of the dullest Pirelli Calendars I've ever seen!  Everything is uninspired - the poses, the costumes, the facial expressions.

His reasoning for shooting Greeks and Roman Deities in a darkened Parisian studio?  A beach is "too obvious".  The man makes a good point.  We all know that a beach is the only possible location in the world to do a fashion shoot.  Especially a theme like "Mythology". I mean, where else could you possibly shoot Ancient Greek and Roman Gods?  Certainly not Greece or Rome.

What a wasted opportunity.  How cool would it have looked to have the Pantheon in Rome as the backdrop?  This is nearly as bad as last year's photographer Terry Richardson going to Brazil and producing photos that look like they were taken by a hick farmer outside his shed in Alabama.
Lagerfeld, the photographer of the Pirelli Calendar edition 2011.

Lagerfeld said that he produced “the visual version of Homer. I did with my camera what he did with his pen, although we understand that he probably didn't use a pen.”  Granddad, with such a knowledge of literature you're clearly being wasted in fashion. 


Verdict?  Lazy and uninspired.   Go to the back of the class.

And Pirelli?  Bring back 1984's Uwe Ommer! (and beaches if needs be)




Bottle Bell Photography said...

This is so wonderful. Glad you said hello. Happy to find this as well. :)

I look forward to more :)

Ashley | Bottle Bell x

Moan said...

I fucking love that calendar!!

Thanks for the comments!! And no actually I'm Australian, not Irish, but interesting to know you guys use the word!

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