Monday, November 15, 2010

The Resonators

Saw these guys last night at One Taste Festival in Balham last night, and was very impressed.

The Resonators are a Reggae / Dub Step act.  Throw in a trumpet, a saxaphone, two soulful female vocalists, and four other musicians, and you've got one of the more original sounds I've heard in quite a while.

Creating fully live Dub, in addition they had amazing stage presence - every one of the 8 piece band bounced around and threw good vibes to a crowd alll-too-willing to accept them.  The result was smiles and dancing that I generally associate with day one of a music festival.  Good times :)

Highly recommended - check them out here:

Mandrake by Resonators

Sweet Love Affair by Resonators

Borderline by Resonators

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1 comment:

wwiwt said...

thanks for the heads up. bopping away in work all afternoon

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