Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Random Studios: Possibly the coolest web design ever.

After mistyping a web address, imagine my surprise when I ended up on possibly the coolest landing page I have ever seen. (isn't the animation on the umbrella just beautiful?)

After a little bit of navigation, I proceeded to be blown away by the company's previous projects: web design with an interactivity that crosses into video-game territory.

Check out:

This interactive music video for Placebo's "The Never Ending Why"
This interactive online Exhibition at Tate Modern

I discovered that RANDOM STUDIO (based in Amsterdam) create interactive productions - both online and offline.  So not only do they do cool websites, they also build interactive installations like this one for Diesel. (Okay, it's advertising, but a person's gotta eat!)  Daan at Random Studio said "I'm inspired by intelligent, subtle design and interaction. I do not like most advertising because it always tries to stuff messages down people's throat. I like sites and applications that surprise people and put a smile on their face. Give and immerse - don't force anything on people."

So is this where web design is going?

The first decade in the 2000's was a time when people in creative spheres felt they had to be jack-of-all-trades.  Many people created websites for themselves.  Daan believes that now web design "will get better and more specialized. The overall quality is already improving."  With a greater emphasis on interactive video and applications, "The web will not only be a website but a tool that will be incorporated into daily life, all over the house. Designers need to think about different ways of interacting."

Thanks Daan for answering my questions.  Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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